Dear reader,

I am not a councillor, and am therefore not qualified to diagnose anybody. This blog is a primarily a parenting blog, with a major focus on abusive parenting. However, if you choose to follow this blog please be aware that I do write about a wide range of other parenting related topics, other than narcissistic abuse. As the website owner, I reserve the right to change the blogs focus.

I am an adult child of a narcissist (ACON), and I am my families scapegoat. I come from an extremely pathological Christian narcissistic family system, and I have been subjected to severe spiritual abuse. This in itself gives me direct insight into how Christian cult like family systems operate. I write about malignant narcissism because I am of the opinion that narcissism can destroy lives. I am also of the opinion that this mental health problem is not taken as seriously by mental health professionals, or the legal system as it should be.

As survivor’s of narcissistic abuse I believe it is important to share our stories, and to continue to raise awareness about narcissistic abuse; the illness often so difficult to detect, because the person doing the abusing appears to be so benign.

My writings are only my opinion; backed up of course by information sourced on narcissistic abuse, which has been provided in my articles via links. My articles are purely for informational purposes only, and are not to be substituted for professional advice.

Good luck with your healing journey!