Can one manifest their soulmate?


Rhonda Byrne’s famous book, and film ‘The Secret,’ discusses in great depth the concept of manifestation, and how we can use our imagination to manifest our dream life.

All we have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Ask      

  2. Believe      

  3. Receive


             Is it really as simple as that? Hmmmm……I’m not so sure!

Ask for what you want, live as though you have it now, and than receive it? I know, it sounds way too good to be true right? To be honest, manifesting anything requires a lot of patience, and a very strong mind. It is not by any means a simple task.

Living your life as though you have your dream partner right here, right now, isn’t as easy as it sounds. In my experience, to live like this without ever allowing the reality of your single lonely life to seep into your mind, is almost impossible. An experienced manifester may be able to stop an enquiring inner critic from treading on all of your dreams with the truth. However, an amateur at manifestation will most likely struggle a lot!

In the five years that I have been practising ‘the secret,’ I have had a significant amount of manifestation ups and downs. I have doubted myself, had negative thoughts, (which have most likely stopped my desires from coming my way) and, the manifestation projects I have consumed myself with, have mostly never arrived. Instead, objects, situations and people that I have visualised for no particular reason, have come quickly and easily.

                         ”Be careful what you visualise, and what you go          on to think about…….”

So, I’m on way to the post office, and I suddenly see someone I know. I associate this person with someone I don’t like. Immediately I provide an image of my rival to my imagination. While paying my bill, I quickly forget about the image of my arch rival, and I engage in small talk with the cashier.

While walking down the street on my way to work the next day, I suddenly run smack bang into my rival. The universe doesn’t just give you what you ask for. Its gives you what you think you are worth, and whatever you see in your imagination.  Plain and simple!

I have never been a cat lover, and I detest their predatory nature! However, images of these predatory furry little animals have sprung to mind as I have often watched a cat chase after a bird, or, as I have stepped over the latest victim on the driveway, an innocent dead mouse. Ironically enough, following a strange sequence of events, I now own a cat.

At the age of sixteen I would often see a man out shopping with his support worker. Everytime I saw him, I would walk away with his image in mind as I wondered what kind of life he leads. Twenty years later, I now work with him.

Every time I set an intention to receive something, I always receive it in a way contrary to how I originally thought it would come about.

Years ago I set my intention to become a non-smoker. Everyday for six months straight I visualised myself as a smoke free person. In my imagination I would walk past the cigarette counter without buying cigarettes, and I would picture myself detesting the smell of cigarette smoke. At the end of the six months I was diagnosed with Pnemonia, and I was too sick to smoke, so I quit.

                             What you see is what you get……

To me, red cars are slick and stylish. They scream style and sophistication. Every time I see a red car, images of red cars enter my mind.

Two years ago I reversed into the side of a shiny red car, and two years later I wrote my white wagon  off. Low and behold, the most affordable car for me to buy was a lovely bright, cute as a button, little red car. Not how I would have planned it!

                             ”Can I manifest my soulmate?”

Almost a year ago I set an intention for a soulmate. I even created a  desired  image in my mind of what he would like. I wrote down all the qualities I would like him to have, and I declared my intention to the universe.

For six long months I  imagined our lives together. I imagined us holding hands, going on dates, laughing, shopping, and taking long romantic walks on the beach together. I honestly tried every manifestation technique I know, from soul mate mediations, to sending out the official  soul call through subliminal messaging.

I imagined that my soul mate was in my life, right here, right now. However, the realism over rode the fantasy, and the reality that it was all one big fantasy, which may never happen, began to eat at me. I allowed thoughts of manifestation as hogwash, to  creep into my mind.

So, I stopped the lengthy soul mate visuals, decided to enjoy my life, and not agonise over finding truelove. The request for a soul mate has been sent out to the universe. He’s coming eventually!

As soon as I wake up in the morning I send my soul mate a kiss. I thank the universe for bringing me a day closer to the moment that I will finally get to meet him, and I speak words of gratitude to the universe for the never-ending stream of abundance in my life. Than I get on with my day, and leave the manifestation process in the hands of the universe.

I believe that if a soul mate is what you want, than a soul mate is what you will get. If you believe he or she is coming, than they are!





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