About me


I’m Billie, writer, and journalist.

The aim of my blog is educate, to inform, and to put into the universe a new perspective, familiar perspectives, and different ways of viewing particular parenting issues and styles.

I am not a psychologist, and don’t claim to have all of the answers to one’s parenting dilemmas. However, I have personally spent approximately 12 years of my own time researching particular parenting styles, parenting personality traits, and attachment theories in order to dissect my own childhood.

In my early twenties I became very intrigued about by my own experiences in childhood. So, I went in search of answers, and read everything I could get my hands on about parenting, in the hope of finding some kind of resolve.

Knowing where I came from as a child, why I came from that place, and how I got to the place I am in now, is linked to the knowledge I have about parenting.

I have analysed the four styles of parenting in great detail, attachment theory, narcissistic parenting, and as much evidence based research as I have been able to get my hands on in an effort to figure out how children become the people that they do. This has been an incredible experience for me; and I finally feel like the years of reading and research has helped me to come to a place of much greater understanding, which in turn has changed how I view parenting, and has changed me.

As you will have noticed I write a lot about narcissistic parenting on this website. I do come from a narcissistic family, ruled by a narcissist. So I do know from first hand experience how a severely malignant narcissistic family operates.  I don’t write about my personal experiences within that family system on this website. However, obviously the dynamics related to my experiences are embedded indirectly in these writings.

What I do write about in regard to the narcissistic family set up is in honour of the narcissistic abuse community – my community. I will forever be deeply saddened by the narcissistic dynamic. I will never understand how a narcissist can treat their children so poorly, how an enabling parent can watch, and how adult siblings’ within the narcissistic family dynamic who aren’t being as abused as a scapegoated individual, can stay quiet at the expense of this family member.

In 2005 I resigned from my role as the family scapegoat in my narcissistic family; after being advised by two therapists to go No Contact. It was in the confusion of my recovery from narcissistic abuse, and while suffering terribly from narcissistic abuse syndrome that I stumbled across the term narcissism for the first time EVER. So, obviously my articles about the family scapegoat have my experiences embedded into them, and are written in relation to an extremely malignant narcissistic family dynamic.

The narcissistic family dynamic is a dynamic I am thoroughly committed to understanding; especially after witnessing the detrimental affect of the entire narcissistic family dynamic on myself, very close friends of mine, and the children of these close friends. The damage remains life long.

I hold a strong belief that our experiences as children will at times affect us well into adulthood; in all different areas of our lives – including our personal relationships, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationships with our own children.

I have some amazing friends whom have openly told me that their childhood’s effect every part of their adult lives on an everyday basis; both positively and sometimes quite negatively.

What I provide for you is the evidence based research. What you decide to do with the knowledge is up to you. I will also provide you with links so as you can further investigate the topic if you would like to.

I hope you enjoy this blog, as much I have enjoyed putting it together.